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US Pirate Party’s No Safe Harbor.

To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a United States Pirate Party until I found out about this book.

Guest post: iBooks and iPads for Education. Plus ça change…

We don’t need to equip students with $600 iPads so they can download iBooks. Buy them a $300 laptop so they can consume and produce content with ease.

My last paper book (I hope).

The grand total of all free ebooks in the known universe that I can recommend and you legally download is three.

The gate at the top of the stairs.

The complex where I live is a mix of apartment and townhouse-style condominiums, with a series of locked iron gates providing access to the latter. Though I myself live in the ground-level courtyard, there’s another level of townhomes directly above me, along with some nice greenery and even an impromptu vegetable garden or two. And to access this oasis of calm in the big city you must pass through a gate like the one seen above…

7digital does the right thing.

Though yesterday’s post on data disasters didn’t have a happy ending this one definitely does. It’s reassuring to know that with all those illegal downloads just a few clicks away, forward-thinking online music store 7digital.com has got its priorities dead right in terms of customer service…