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US Pirate Party’s No Safe Harbor.

To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a United States Pirate Party until I found out about this book.

“This is why I pirate.” A filmmaker’s story.

That a young filmmaker’s career was summarily crushed before he could even graduate school strengthens my own resolve to never set foot in a multiplex ever again.

Two cars, two TVs… two Internets?

SOPA is scary, awful stuff but the sad truth is that very few people seem to care.

Five questions for Russell McOrmond.

Michael Geist may get all the attention, but there are other Canadians working tirelessly to promote non DMCA-style copyright reform — and in this case, open source software as well.

Russell McOrmond is one of them….

How Bill C-32 would make me a criminal.

Because digital rights is such a hard sell to those who don’t immediately grasp it, let me show how C-32 would make me a criminal, three times over. Then you can decide for yourself if what I’m about to describe falls within reasonable use or not…