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MIUI, es muy bueno for Android.

I’ve been fairly faithful to CyanogenMod myself, but with the news of MIUI going open-source I figured I should give it a try.

Meet my freedom phone.

The humble handset you see above is the answer to a question posed here some 20 months ago: “Is a high-functioning Google-free Android phone even possible?”

F-Droid, the Android app store for freedom beards.

For Android users seeking a Google-free experience it’s nice to know there’s another way to get at least some of their favourite apps.

Three banned Android apps in review.

If, like me, you think that paying for software to play pirated content is a bit sketchy you’ll want to grab these emulators while you can.

My first Android app.

This post is about the democratization of the means to do such things. For idiots. Like me.