The iPhone keynote we’ll never see.

Many of you will be spending the afternoon pouring through news of the new operating system for Apple’s locked-down iPhone. Clearly I’m no fan — of Apple products in general these days, if truth be told.

So how to not get drowned by the impending tsunami of iPhone-related news? Perhaps we could take a peek into an alternate universe for a minute or two and see a keynote that would actually be worthy of the attention that Apple so often gets…

Sober second opinions on iPad hysteria.

The release of yet another crippled Internet appliance by Apple, Inc. wouldn’t ordinarily be worthy of mention on these hallowed pages — but there’s been such a deluge of hipsteria about it over the weekend that I wanted to make sure that you caught the important stuff.

So let’s get to it!

The history and future of the mobile web.

Earlier this month Mark Shuster, a venture capitalist in Los Angeles, wrote a fantastic piece called App is Crap — a history of the mobile web and a look towards its future.

It’s a bit of a long read but entirely worth it. If you haven’t the time to digest it all I’ll do my best to summarize. But really, you should read it…