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Evgenie Morozov’s The Net Delusion.

I’ll not mince words here; Evgenie Morozov has fundamentally changed how I see great swaths of the Internet.

Two cars, two TVs… two Internets?

SOPA is scary, awful stuff but the sad truth is that very few people seem to care.

Punk-ass kid fixes Canada’s economy, exposes corrupt government.

Had this movie been made about the United States Dan Matthews might well be a household name by now. But as it was made in and about Cana-duh I shouldn’t feel so bad that it’s taken me more than a year to find it.

Activism through sticker-ism.

Back when I was an unquestioning sheep in Apple’s flock I took great joy in looking down my nose at Windows boxes and all the hideous Microsoft and Intel stickers they came riddled with. Indeed, as a Linux user one of the more esoteric adjustments I’ve had to make has been to deal with the very same eyesores on machines I have purchased.

Goo Gone has been a great ally, but I’ve gone a step further and decided to fight fire with fire…

The Yes Men Fix the World, save satire.

Dear Facebook comedy friends: If you’re wondering why I’m not coming out to see your show, it’s because the bar has been set quite a bit higher — thanks to films like The Yes Men Fix the World.

Available for study (or your viewing pleasure) free of charge via BitTorrent and VODO, Yes Men represents no less than the 21st-century evolution of satire as I learned it at The Second City theatre here in Toronto some fifteen years ago…