The documentary that Nokia probably doesn’t want you to see.

Or Samsung, Apple… you get the idea.

Guest post: iBooks and iPads for Education. Plus ça change…

We don’t need to equip students with $600 iPads so they can download iBooks. Buy them a $300 laptop so they can consume and produce content with ease.

Two cars, two TVs… two Internets?

SOPA is scary, awful stuff but the sad truth is that very few people seem to care.

Hands-on in Hong Kong with the Meizu MX.

By the time of my midday visit the queue of customers was so long and the store so busy that I wasn’t allowed inside to even look at the device.

On holiday until January 11th.

I’ll be in Hong Kong for the next week or so, with regularly scheduled blog posts resuming on January 11th.