Grokking grep and data disasters.

I’m not talking about the Linux vulnerability that my otherwise awesome web host apparently suffered through — though having this humble site go down for nigh on three days was certainly bad. No, I’m talking about a little data disaster of my own. I’m posting it here in the hopes that I can learn from my own mistakes.

And maybe you can too, before it’s too late…

Behold the wonders of the wiki.

Here’s a little public service for anyone who’s ever wondered what a wiki was all about. I imagine you’ve visited the awesome Wikipedia once or twice, but if you’re like me you probably had no idea how easy it is to install and maintain a wiki of your own.

Earlier this week I installed a wiki for that weekly podcast that I do. The following steps are what I did to get it up and running with a bit of content…

My favourite WordPress video tutorials.

I have to confess to being a bit preoccupied in the past week or so — while doing my weekday blogging here I’ve also been charged with migrating a WordPress site from a pretty awful web host in the U.S.A. to a fairly outstanding one here in Canada. And I couldn’t have done it without the Kentucky Classroom.

Wait, what…?