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“This is why I pirate.” A filmmaker’s story.

That a young filmmaker’s career was summarily crushed before he could even graduate school strengthens my own resolve to never set foot in a multiplex ever again.

Guest post: iBooks and iPads for Education. Plus ça change…

We don’t need to equip students with $600 iPads so they can download iBooks. Buy them a $300 laptop so they can consume and produce content with ease.

My last paper book (I hope).

The grand total of all free ebooks in the known universe that I can recommend and you legally download is three.

Punk-ass kid fixes Canada’s economy, exposes corrupt government.

Had this movie been made about the United States Dan Matthews might well be a household name by now. But as it was made in and about Cana-duh I shouldn’t feel so bad that it’s taken me more than a year to find it.

Art imitates life in PhoneShop.

Though more about high street sales culture than the mobile phone industry specifically, each episode of PhoneShop is good for a jab or two at prepaid customers — i.e., the ones who don’t sign on for multi-year contracts…