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I’m writing a book!

Let’s not call it the end, just a hiatus.

On holiday until January 11th.

I’ll be in Hong Kong for the next week or so, with regularly scheduled blog posts resuming on January 11th.

The one before 250.

I’ve a bit of a surprise in store for my 250th post; unfortunately, this isn’t it.

My 200th post: Android claims another Nokian.

This time last year I was trialling Nokia’s premiere camera phone of the day across Asia. For 2010 an altogether different handset has passed the far and away test — Google’s Nexus One, sold unlocked in Canada by upstart carrier Mobilicity.

With a few important caveats Android has impressed me enough to usurp Symbian as my primary mobile OS. It’s that good…

Got K2, now what do I do?


I’ve made some big changes to the old blog, and deliberately so. And like anything I attempt I’m in way over my head and can use some help…