OpenSignal: Freedom Faster than Rogers in Downtown Toronto

Yesterday OpenSignal released a new State of Mobile Networks Report: Canada, for the testing period from October 1st to December 30th, 2017. Telus is the big winner overall, with the best scores in three of OpenSignal’s six categories, and tying the other Big Three carriers in the remaining three.

Telus users are welcome to gloat in this thread. What I’d like to draw your attention to are some regional results, where you’ll find the only mention of this country’s upstart operators:

Canada’s operators large and small also made impressive showings in our Montreal and Toronto speed tests. Bell’s 4G speed score in both cities topped 45 Mbps. Meanwhile in Montreal, Rogers and regional operator Vidéotron both averaged LTE downloads of about 30 Mbps in our measurements. In Toronto we found Freedom Mobile’s new 4G service averaged speeds of 35.5 Mbps, while Rogers’s average download was 27.2 Mbps.

In my own informal testing using my dual-SIM phone I’ve come to the same conclusion. There are, of course, some caveats with Freedom’s service (like the outage earlier this week), but I don’t think FM could have bested Rogers in anything a year or two ago; I say we take whatever small victories we can get!

Source: OpenSignal

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