T-Mobile the Clear Winner in Latest OpenSignal Report

OpenSignal has just published their bi-annual State of Mobile Networks Report for the USA. T-Mobile seems to have done pretty well, ranking first in five out of six metrics nationwide:

4G download speed – T-Mobile
3G download speed – T-Mobile
Overall download speed – T-Mobile
4G latency – AT&T
3G latency – T-Mobile
4G availability – T-Mobile

AT&T took the crown for best average 4G latency at 58.3 ms—which actually sounds pretty terrible until you take into consideration the huge reporting area. Some more details on OpenSignal’s testing:

Reporting period: October 1st to December 30th, 2017
Devices included in test: 237,213
Total measurements: 5,928,296,946

To find the best-performing carrier for your area you can see a list of 33 regional results at the first link directly below. And remember, any suspicions of these findings can be addressed by downloading the app for Android or iOS and joining the pool of test devices for the next report!

Source: OpenSignal via Android Police

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