Meet Motorola’s 2018 Product Portfolio

Some slides from Motorola’s upcoming presentation at Mobile World Congress seem to have leaked to Droid Life… or maybe all of them? If the source is legit we can at least have an advanced look at this year’s updated hardware designs.

Moto X5

5.9 inch FHD+ 18:9 display
Dual front and rear cameras

No other information is available for Moto’s traditional flagship. However, from the graphic above we can see an Essential/iPhone-esque notch at the top of the screen and some sort of software navigation bar at the bottom.

Also, does the world honestly need yet another smartphone assistant?

Moto Z3, Z3 Play

6 inch FHD+ 18:9 display

Moto’s midrange Z series continues to be the only line to support Moto Mods. And speaking of Moto Mods, get a load of this one…

Moto 5G Mod

As crazy as it sounds, this accessory would bring 5G wireless service to any compatible phone. Have we even decided what 5G is yet?

Moto G6, G6 Play, G6 Plus

5.7/5.93 inch FHD+ 18:9 display
Snapdragon 450/630 processor
3/4/6 GB RAM, 32/64 GB storage
12 + 5 MP rear cameras, 16 MP selfie cam
3,000/3,200/4,000 mAh battery
Fingerprint readers on all models

The cheapest hardware from Motorola also has the most leaked information. In addition to the specs above there are the following colour options:

G6 – black, rose gold, silver
G6 Play – blue, charcoal, gold
G6 Plus – black, silver, teal

There is even some pricing information—nothing for the G6 Play as of yet, but the G6 and G6 Plus are expected to retail for $240 and $330 USD respectively.

Keep in mind that these are unconfirmed leaks, and some or all of the slides may well turn out to be fakes. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that 5G Mod…

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