CES: Razer Resurrects the Lapdock

Anyone remember the Motorola Atrix 4G Lapdock? Here’s a new iteration of that same idea, with a unique twist: while bringing the empty shell of a notebook computer to life your smartphone also does double duty as an oversized trackpad for that same notebook.

Razer showed off a prototype of this oversized accessory for their flagship Android phone at CES; it currently goes by the name Project Linda. The Verge got an early peek, and seemed impressed with how well it all worked:

Hooking up the Razer Phone to Project Linda is simple: place the phone into the slot, and press a hardware button that causes a USB-C port to extend directly into the Razer Phone, simultaneously locking it in place. The entire hardware is powered off the phone; all the Project Linda base contributes is some extra storage space (around 200GB on the current prototype) and extra batteries, so the Razer Phone charges the entire time it’s docked.

The phone actually does triple duty here—in addition to bringing the notebook to life and serving as its trackpad it also provides audio via its front-facing speakers. There is a separate webcam above the larger 13-inch QHD display, which is a good thing; using the phone’s front-facing camera in this setup would give your video chat partner a view of your chin and nostrils only.

You can read more about Project Linda at the links directly below.

Links: Razer, The Verge

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