My Secret Crush: This Japan-only Laptop/Tablet Hybrid

One more bit of Japanese gadget porn before we return to our regular schedule of mobile-related news…

I don’t use Windows but I’ve always had a thing for Panasonic’s Japan-only Let’s Note laptops. Maybe it’s the circular trackpad and array, the silver chassis or the exotic etchings on the bright white keyboard… I’ve just always found them rather fetching. And on my recent visit to Kyoto and a mandatory stop at Yodobashi Camera I came across something new, or at least new to me: this CF-XZ lets the user detach the notebook’s touch screen from the keyboard.

It’s a design that makes a lot more sense to me than an unnecessarily thick laptop with a base and keyboard folded behind; in operation it looks like this:

Not sure whether that accessory that locks the screen to the base is included or not.

The Let’s Note CF-XZ has an Intel Core i5 7200U processor powering its 12-inch QHD screen. There are three separate models, each with some combination of a 128 or 256 GB SSD and Windows 10 Home or Pro. All models come with 8 GB of RAM. If anyone can find evidence of it running a recent version of Ubuntu or Linux Mint please let me know!

Link: Let’s Note CF-XZ (Japanese)

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