Your iPhone Does Indeed Slow Down Over Time

But it’s not why you might think.

The urban myth is that Apple deliberately sneaks code into iOS updates to make your older iPhone run slower, in the hopes that you’ll buy a new one. It’s like that old joke: Android users buy a new phone because they’re not getting software updates, while iPhone users buy a new phone because they got a software update.

As far as I know, nothing about this has ever been proven—at least not until now. Ars Technica has compiled an excellent report on research by Geekbench developer John Poole and the iPhone community on reddit. It turns out the Apple may indeed be deliberately throttling performance on your older hardware, but its reasons for doing so are benign. There’s no planned obsolescence here, but there is code within iOS that senses battery degradation, and limits performance for the express purpose of preserving your battery.

The successful remedy to a throttled iPhone is to replace the battery, but Apple really doesn’t want you to do that, bringing us right back to the contentious issue of planned obsolescence. Maybe the next best thing would be to buy one of those battery cases…?

Source: Ars Technica

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