Dual-SIM for the Win: Why the OnePlus 5 and 5T are Perfect Smartphones for Freedom Mobile

Here’s hoping that every Canadian reading this was able to jump onto a 10GB/month plan yesterday; if not, I’ve been hearing that some carriers are extending their promos until end of day today. I actually joined in on the fun myself, and am now the proud owner of two Rogers SIMs—one each for the girlfriend and I.

Why, as a Freedom Mobile customer, would I even want to admit this? Because the Rogers SIMs are going to be used only as backups in the second SIM slots of our two OnePlus phones; our primary voice, text and data service will be with Freedom Mobile. I’ll be sealing the deal by porting out our numbers from Koodo later today.

Some Howard Forums members seem to have a hard time believing this, but Freedom’s service in downtown Toronto has, in more than a month’s worth of use, been surprisingly good. I can think of only two places where I’ve not had a reliable signal—in the basement of The Bay’s Queen Street store and a lawyer’s office where there weren’t any nearby windows.

For scenarios like these getting back online will be as simple as switching our data connection to Rogers. Those lines were activated on the same $5/month tablet flex plan; they’re ready if we need them, but the cost of keeping them on standby is low. In fact, for the next twenty months they’re basically free, since Freedom is giving each of our lines a $10 credit per month.

Back in the summer of 2014 when FM was still WIND Mobile I wrote that I wouldn’t fault anyone for voting with their wallet—that is, paying for service with an upstart carrier to divert money that would otherwise go to The Big Three. Today, with a dual-SIM phone you can finally have the best of both worlds. And if that dual-SIM device is a OnePlus 5 or 5T you get a pretty fantastic Android smartphone as well!

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