iPhone in Canada Readers Collectively Choose Koodo in the 10GB Gold Rush

Oh, it’s a gold rush, all right… in this country, a 10GB data bucket has never been so cheap!

In the absence of any other data, here’s a poll that iPhone in Canada ran over the weekend, asking its community which carrier, if any, was chosen for a new 10GB $60/month plan. Here are the results, as of 7:30am Eastern Time this morning:

Koodo Mobile – 21.98% (826 votes)
Fido – 19.13% (719 votes)
Rogers – 16.05% (603 votes)
Telus – 13.97% (525 votes)
Bell – 11.68% (439 votes)
Freedom Mobile – 6.6% (248 votes)
Virgin Mobile – 5.27% (198 votes)

None—I live outside Alberta, BC or Ontario – 5.32% (200 votes)
Total Votes – 3,758

Not an exhaustive data set, to be sure, but it’s something at least. And the most heartening thing for me here is that Freedom Mobile didn’t score last. Remember, the only reason why Alberta, BC and Ontario are suddenly seeing big data buckets at reasonable rates is because Freedom is finally selling the iPhone on a halfway decent 4G network…

Source: iPhone in Canada

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