And Suddenly… Reasonably-Priced Data in Canada?!!

Something rather unusual is going on with Canada’s Big Three carriers: in select markets they’re starting to offer big monthly data buckets at reasonable prices.

iPhone in Canada ran three separate stories on this yesterday. First was the news of a Fido and Rogers promo for Alberta and BC, offering 5GB and Canada-wide calling for $60/month, with an extra 5GB for 24 months. Later in the day there was another scoop about a targeted offer for Rogers and Chatr prepaid customers, 4GB of data for $40/month or 6GB for $60 if they switched to Rogers BYOD postpaid. Finally, there was a report that Bell would be offering a 10GB $60/month plan of its own.

And where is TELUS in all of this? Apparently its flanker brand Koodo will be announcing something similar today. That’s especially good news for Big Three subscribers in Ontario, as Koodo’s out-of-province plans have historically been fairly easy to get.

The reason for this sudden surge in affordable data plans has got to be the one-two punch of Freedom Mobile’s cheap 4G offerings and the fact that they’re now an official vendor/subsidizer of Apple’s iPhone. Even if you think their network sucks—and my experience with a Band 66-compatible phone in downtown Toronto would suggest that it doesn’t—you potentially stand to gain from their affordable data, improved network and available handsets.

If only The Big Three were competitive across the entire country, then we’d really have something to celebrate…

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