Freedom Mobile Good to Go for TTC Line 1 Extension

Apologies for the Toronto-centric news (how Canadian of me!) but a bunch of new subway stations are opening in the GTA this weekend, and for people who live here it’s a pretty big deal.

As Mobile Syrup reports, every one of these new stations will have free T-Connect WiFi available, but for Freedom Mobile subscribers there’s even better news: the carrier’s band 66 LTE will be available not only on the extension’s subterranean platforms, but throughout the 9 kilometers of tunnel as well.

BAI Canada, who won the contract to provide WiFi and cellular service to the TTC’s underground in 2013, has now wired all 75 subway stations for service. They expect to have all tunnels in the downtown core connected by next summer.

Yes, this means that you may have to endure one side of your fellow commuters’ inane phone conversations, but if you’re the more considerate type you’ll also be able to message your friends and loved ones in silence.

I don’t use the TTC every day but when I do Freedom’s underground connectivity has been fantastic, with a strong signal already following me halfway through the tunnel to the next station. And soon it will be even better!

Source: Mobile Syrup

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