Google Suddenly (and Unexpectedly) Acknowledges the Existence of Dual-SIM Phones

Android Police has just done another of their famous APK teardowns, this one for a new version of Google’s official SMS app, Messages. This new version (2.7) not only has more streamlined code—the size of the apk itself is down 30% from the version before it—but some new features as well, including new message indicators, calling integration with Google Duo and RCS support for dual-SIM phones.

You’ll recall that the Rich Communications Services (RCS) protocol is a joint venture by carriers, Google and the GSMA to bring text messaging into the 21st century. Think of it like iMessage, but for everyone. The code in Messages 2.7 shows support for standard RCS features such as sending messages over WiFi and the ability to see your friends type replies, but also suggests that users will be able to toggle RCS support for separate SIM cards if they have them.

If you live in Asia, India or even parts of Europe there’s a very good chance that you’re using a dual-SIM phone; the only reason why they’re so scarce in North America is that carriers here have a vested interest in not selling you one. Cheap calls on one SIM and a cheap data plan meant for tablets on the other? Yeah, not so much…

For me it has become a must-have feature, and I had to dump Google’s default messaging client for third party solutions (first Textra, then Pulse) because those apps support two SIMs. With this new update I might have to give Messages another look.

Source: Android Police

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