Remembering Muskie, The Pixel 2 That Could Have/Should Have Been

One of the many benefits of open source software is that the code is freely available for anyone to pore through to their heart’s content. And that’s just what XDA has done, uncovering some more details about muskie, the forgotten HTC-made device that was once pegged to be this year’s Pixel 2 XL.

Of particular interest in the muskie-related AOSP commits for Android 8.0 is this line:

<item name="battery.capacity">3830</item>

Yup, that’s right, HTC’s pitch for the Pixel 2 XL was to have a massive 3,830 mAh battery, putting the LG version’s paltry-by-comparison 3,520 mAh to shame. Unfortunately that big battery would quickly prove to be the device’s downfall—last June someone told 9to5Google that the cell wasn’t performing as expected, and that muskie’s development had been halted.

Had the device made it into production users would likely have had to content with a large forehead and chin, similar to the HTC-made Pixel 2. However, the disaster with LG’s POLED screen would have been averted. Something tells me that if Google had a do-over they might have put a bit more effort into bringing muskie to market.

Source: XDA

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