Freedom Mobile: New Plans, Even More Data

Well, this was unexpected…

I was all set to activate a SIM and try out one of Freedom Mobile’s impossibly good data plans today—that is until late last night, when I read news of even better plans on the way. iPhone in Canada reports that the new plans will make their début this Thursday, October 19th.

Big Gig plans do not include calls from Canada to the USA, but for a limited time will offer free international SMS and MMS. Options are as follows:

$50/month: 12GB data (8GB + 4GB bonus) within Home; 250MB within Away
$70/month: 15GB data (8GB + 7GB bonus) within Home; 500MB within Away
$90/month: 20GB data (12GB + 8GB bonus) within Home; 1GB within Away

If you didn’t know, the “Away” data allotments are for roaming within Canada outside of Freedom’s limited Home network.

Everywhere Canada plans add long distance to the USA (from within Freedom’s Home zones) plus 2,400 minutes of in-Canada roaming. International SMS and MMS are also included:

$50/month: 5GB (4GB + 1GB bonus) within Home; 250MB within Away
$60/month: 10GB (6GB + 4GB bonus) within Home; 500MB within Away
$75/month: 12GB (9GB + 3GB bonus) within Home; 1GB within Away
$100/month: 20GB (15GB + 5GB bonus) within Home; 1GB within Away

Note that neither of the new plans include any free data when in the United States. If that’s important to you then you’ll want to jump on the current $50/month plan, which includes 1 free gigabyte of data per month from within the USA.

Freedom is definitely on a tear to get new customers, and I can’t help but wonder if their current promotion isn’t getting the activations they were hoping for. Their LTE network still seems plenty fast, even in downtown Toronto. And just last week there was a weird moment when the girlfriend and I walked by a Freedom outlet at Yorkdale Mall. Not only was the store empty, but the entire staff was assembled at the entrance, staring down passers-by as if trying to will them into entering.

Has anyone here switched to Freedom from Koodo? I’m seriously considering it—once I do some further testing, of course…

Source: iPhone in Canada

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