The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus May Have a Swollen Battery Problem

Here’s a photo taken by a not-so-proud owner of a new iPhone 8 Plus in Japan; out of the box the new device’s battery had swollen to the point where it was pushing the display panel out of its seating. There are reports of similar defects trickling in from around the world—seven in total so far:

Canada – 1 incident reported
China – 1 incident reported
Greece – 1 incident reported
Hong Kong – 1 incident reported
Japan – 1 incident reported
Taiwan – 2 incidents reported

This story on Pocketnow has links to each incident. In a couple of cases the phone’s battery was swollen out of the box; in others the swelling occurred after the user’s first charge (with original equipment). In the rest the swelling became apparent after a short fall, with no initial signs of damage. There are, at present, no reports of batteries actually exploding.

Apple is said to be investigating the issue, which might prove to be a challenge, as batteries for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are made by three separate manufacturers: LG Chem, Samsung SDI and Simplo Technologies.

Hopefully no one reading this has a swollen battery in their new iPhone; if you do, I’m sure your neighbourhood Apple Store will help you out.

Sources: Pocketnow, The Verge, Twitter

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