Google’s Default Messaging App Has a Nasty Notification Bug

Having issues with text message notifications? You’re not alone.

The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with your phone; the bad news is that something is definitely up with Google’s SMS app. Android Police reported on the issue yesterday, specifically that the app may, at some point, stop showing notifications for new messages. The bug is affecting enough users that there are two separate posts about it on r/Android—the older one indicating issues with the app going as far back as July.

For a critical messaging app that seeks to be the Android equivalent to Apple’s iMessage, this isn’t good.

Google has yet to even acknowledge the bug, let alone provide a fix for it. For now the best remedy is to switch to another texting app. I’m currently using Pulse, but have enjoyed using Textra previously; the latter seems to be the app of choice for the r/Android crowd.

Are you having notification issues with Android Messages? Let us know…

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