Fitbit’s New Smartwatch will Put a Trick up Your Sleeve

As a Pebbler I’m supposed to hate Fitbit with a passion, despite the fact that they’ve mostly made good on their promise to keep Pebble servers up and running through the end of 2017. But I’m also a big fan of mobile tap-and-pay solutions, especially if they actually work in Canada. And it turns out that Fitbit’s new Ionic smartwatch, made official yesterday, supports NFC-based payments from your wrist.

What’s a hard done by smartwatch enthusiast to do?

This feature is almost certainly a result of Fitbit acquiring Coin last May, and by all reports will work exactly like you see in the photo above. Fitbit will only say that AMEX, MasterCard and VISA cards are supported; I dug around a little bit and found an unverified list of launch partners:

Banco Santander
Bank of America
Capital One
KBC Bank Ireland
Royal Bank of Canada
US Bank

For some perspective on this, Apple Pay already enables wrist-based payments with an Apple Watch, and any Android Wear device with NFC should have the same functionality. The biggest hurdle for Fitbit Pay will inevitably be the ugliness of its first proper smartwatch—it’s every bit as hideous as the leak we saw earlier this month.

Source: Mobile Syrup, TechRadar, The Verge

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