Android Oreo May Have a Bluetooth Problem

Before you upgrade your Nexus or Pixel to Google’s latest and greatest, you might want to read this first…

Android Police is reporting that some users who have done so are reporting that, on Android Oreo, Bluetooth automatically switches off almost immediately after being turned on. Granted, this was also an issue on some devices running Android Nougat; this time, however, Google itself is taking the unprecedented step of soliciting feedback on its Pixel and Nexus forums.

Most of the replies so far concern Android Auto, and include pairing issues, problems displaying music album artwork and audio hiccups while making phone calls. For Bluetooth headphones, headsets and speakers, there are multiple reports of audio cutting out, sometimes as often as every 5-20 seconds.

It’s all but certain that there will be no headphone jack on Google’s second-generation Pixel phones; these Bluetooth issues should probably be fixed before those devices ship.

Source: Android Police

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