Moto’s Z2 Force May Also Have an Upside-Down Display

One of the major criticisms of the OnePlus 5 (after the price) was the discovery and subsequent confirmation of its inverted display. OnePlus has never explained why they chose to mount the display panel upside-down in the phone’s chassis; I suspect that it was a deliberate engineering choice to make that chassis stronger. Unfortunately for the user, however, this results in a screen that refreshes in an odd way. It’s most noticeable when scrolling through long lists like entries in an app drawer or a Twitter feed, and has come to be known as the jelly effect.

It was XDA who proved that the OP5’s display was upside-down, and now they’re reporting that Motorola’s new Z2 Force has the same issue.

Here’s a video that the author made with his review unit…

… and, for comparison, a video of the jelly effect on the OnePlus 5.

The effect is the result of the screen refreshing from bottom to top instead of the other way around. Your sensitivity to it may depend on your smartphone history, your eyesight, and/or your smartphone budget. If you’re planning to buy a Z2 Force it might not be a bad idea to check out an in-store display to see how much this issue bothers you, if at all.

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