Tablets Never Had a Chance

This chart says it all, really. And according to Forrester Research (shared by Recode), the world’s already-meager market share of tablets has actually started to decline. Why? Phablets, probably…

There was a time when, for me, a 7 inch tablet was a great companion to a 5 inch phone with a small-ish battery—indeed, a pair of Nexus 5s and 7s were essential travel gear for the girlfriend and I in 2013 and 2014. But in the years since bigger phone batteries and screens have seen our tablets stay at home. I still use one around the house but it’s definitely a luxury, and not something I plan on upgrading anytime soon.

Forrester’s research asserts that the (relative) popularity of tablets in developed markets is only because phone screens, in aggregate, are still on the small side here. That’s expected to change, though, as larger screens become the norm.

Unfortunately it looks like Steve Jobs’ vision of the iPad as the world’s dominant post-PC computer hasn’t really come to pass.

Source: Recode

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