Android Police: This is the 2017 Pixel XL

One final leak to close out the week, and it’s a fairly big one: according to Android Police this is an accurate render of the device that has been given the codename taimen, otherwise known as the 2017 Pixel XL. Or possibly Pixel 2 XL? AP doesn’t yet know what the actual product name will be.

Key aspects of the new phone’s design include much smaller bezels all around (as is the style of the time), a 2:1 screen aspect ratio, a larger camera lens assembly and a squeezable frame. This HTC gimmick might seem odd on an LG-made device, but there is evidence that Google has been working on this idea for years; for all we know they could have licensed their patent to HTC.

A separate but equally reliable source has supposedly leaked the specs to XDA:

Snapdragon 835 processor
5.99 inch 1440p OLED display
4 GB RAM / 128 GB storage
Single rear camera with dual LED flash

Expect the price to be almost prohibitively expensive, as is also the style of the time…

Sources: Android Police, Mobile Syrup, XDA

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