The Impressive Logistics of OnePlus

Pro tip: If you’re thinking of ordering a OnePlus 5 (and haven’t already), do it when they go on sale at midnight next Tuesday, June 27th. You’ll likely experience the same impossibly-quick delivery that I did with their early drop this week.

What you’re looking at above is a screen grab from an Android app called ParcelTrack, showing my phone’s journey from Los Angeles to Cincinnati and then on to its final destination in Toronto. I placed my order Tuesday at 12:43pm Eastern (I’m a keener that way); less than 8 hours later the order was dispatched, and less than 24 hours after that I had the phone in my hands.

For this to happen OnePlus had to have stock already shipped from Shenzhen to LA, along with other tactical ports near key markets. I would expect the same for the phone’s official launch next week.

The buying experience has certainly come a long way since the dreaded invite system for the OnePlus One, and the added headache of import fees for those of us who had that device delivered to Canada. The only negative part of my OnePlus 5 experience so far is that cases for the phone are not yet available. I wonder how well a┬ácase for an iPhone 7 Plus would fit…?

Links: OnePlus 5, ParcelTrack on Google Play

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