Here’s the iPhone 7—I Mean, OnePlus 5

A respected Brazilian tech blog has leaked this image of the OnePlus 5, along with a confirmation of specs and, crucially for OnePlus’s frugal customers, the price. If you think that no company could have the audacity to produce such a derivative-looking phone, think again—Android Police revealed a partial view last week, and then OnePlus themselves went ahead and did the same.

This week’s Tecnoblog leak is significant because it appears to answer almost all of the remaining questions about the phone. Here’s the spec sheet, with a little help from Google Translate and reddit:

5.5 inches
1920 x 1080 pixels
DCI-P3 Colors

Snapdragon 835

6 or 8 GB

64 or 128 GB
Dual-Band UFS 2.1

3,300 mAh
Dash Charge

Rear Cameras
20 MP, f/2.6
16 MP, f/1.7

Bluetooth 5.0
LTE Cat 12
Fast Fingerprint Reader (0.2 seconds)

$479 USD

That starting price, if true, is a pretty big deal; an unlocked iPhone 7 with only 32 GB of storage is currently going for almost $300 USD more at It would also be a big win for prospective OnePlus buyers, as blogs were reporting a rumored price tag as high as $650 USD just a few weeks ago.

And the homage to Apple shouldn’t really surprise OnePlus fans, as co-founder Carl Pei is on record stating that the genesis of OnePlus was to bring an iPhone-like hardware experience to the Android platform. He certainly appears to have done that!

Source: Tecnoblog (Portuguese) via r/Android

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