iOS 11 Gets a Native File Manager

Congratulations, Apple fans! Your iOS 11-powered device looks to be less like an electronic appliance and more like a proper pocket computer. According to The Next Web one of the many features coming to the new version of Apple’s smartphone OS is a native file manager; The Verge‘s reporting on the same story points to a placeholder listing for an app called “Files” on the App Store.

You might think that such a basic utility would be a prerequisite for any modern smartphone, but in my experience that hasn’t been the case. Android only recently added file managing functionality, buried in your device settings—you can access it by navigating to Settings > Storage > Explore. Some OEM Android ROMs, like Oxygen OS on my OnePlus 3, do have their own native file managers, as do the majority of custom ROMs (at least the ones I’ve tried). And there are, of course, a variety of third-party file managers available on both Google Play and the App Store.

It must also be remembered that with the iPhone Apple brought smartphones to the masses, and along with it the danger of overwhelming new users with features that they may not need, at least not right away. Conversely, anyone who has ever used a desktop computer should be able to grasp the relatively easy concept of browsing files on a device.

Here’s a question for iPhone users reading this: what have you been using for file management up to now?

Sources: The Next Web, The Verge

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