An Update on Mobile Payments in Canada

Everything you need to know is in this image, really, but I’ll walk you through it just so we’re clear.

This past Wednesday Mobile Syrup reported that Android Pay was officially available in Canada, and then quickly added an addendum that it was actually only partially available—RBC and TD joined AMEX in not being a launch partner. Here’s what RBC had to say on the matter:

“While we are not participating in the launch of Android Pay at this time, RBC clients with Android mobile devices can use their RBC Wallet to safely and securely pay for purchases. The RBC Wallet on Android gives users convenient access to their payment and gift cards at the point of sale.”

Except that it doesn’t.

Launch the RBC Wallet and you must choose your RBC card as the default for NFC payments. Launch the AMEX Android app and you must likewise choose your AMEX card as the default for NFC payments. I haven’t tried the TD app but I imagine it’s the same story. Want the option of using your AMEX, RBC and TD cards for NFC payments? You’ll have to wait until those banks quit their bullshit and start supporting Android Pay.

Until then make no mistake: mobile payments are still broken in this country, just not quite so much as they were before.

Links: Mobile Syrup (1) (2)

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