A Little Love for Anker

While I was away The Verge ran a nice little feature on Anker, an accessory company that deserves a lot more attention than it gets. The company is probably best-known for their portable phone and tablet chargers. I still have fond memories of their Astro 3E; it was perfectly-sized for my Nexus 5 and easily gave that phone three times the battery capacity. I’ve no doubt that they made a killing in sales last summer when Pokémon GO was all the rage.

What I didn’t know about Anker was that it was founded by an ex-Google software engineer—Steven Yang—in only 2011. He started the company to sell replacement laptop batteries but quickly (and wisely) switched to mobile power banks. A key component of Anker’s success has been using Amazon for fulfillment—customers can easily return any item they’re not happy with. Honestly, though, of all the Anker products I’ve purchased I’ve not returned a single one.

And my Anker gear isn’t limited to mobile chargers; I’ve bought two audio products, both of which are surprisingly good. The Soundcore Sport outdoor speaker is perfect for catching up on podcasts in the bath (don’t judge!), and I’ve just started using the Soundbuds Sport on my morning walks—these Bluetooth earbuds are maybe a bit light in the bass department, but they’re super-comfortable, cheap and again, perfect for podcasts.

For those not comfortable buying accessories online, sight unseen, Anker is working on bringing their brand to brick and mortar stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart. No complaints here; the more people that know about this excellent accessories company, the better!

Links: Anker, The Verge

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