Leaked: Fitbit’s Forthcoming Smartwatch and Wireless Earbuds

Can you guess what site these renders were leaked to? 🙄

Anyway, here’s Fitbit’s first proper smartwatch, the company’s Apple Watch killer and first beneficiary of all that IP gained in the acquisition of Pebble late last year. Kinda underwhelming, ain’t it?

And it’s not just you… Yahoo! Finance reports that even people at Fitbit aren’t happy:

“It was very retro-looking with the lines and stuff — definitely not sexy,” another source previously told Yahoo Finance […] “Several employees who saw the design complained about it.”

Nonetheless, what’s known internally as Project Higgs is coming to market this fall, and for an expected price of $300 USD will offer a colour display, on-board GPS, heart rate monitoring, contactless payments and music integration with Pandora, all while providing four days of battery life between charges.

What’s not known is whether or not Higgs will be fully waterproof; apparently the design team has been having a lot of trouble with that. At least they managed to fix an ongoing issue with GPS, which was apparently not working reliably on a final prototype of the watch.

Fitbit will also be bringing these wireless earbuds—codenamed Parkside—to market. Streaming music is to be a headline feature on Fitbit’s smartwatch, but the company apparently had to make a deal with Pandora after negotiations with Spotify fell through.

To sum up, Fitbit’s first proper smartwatch has all the makings of a disaster. It’s ugly, uncompetitive and full of compromises. Pebble users likely won’t go anywhere near the thing; we’ll have to wait and see what Fitbit fans make of it.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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