Pulse SMS: iMessage for Android

It’s no secret that messaging is broken on Android. Where different services once talked to each other via XMPP, today a user will likely have multiple and incompatible messaging apps and services installed on their phone. And Google certainly isn’t helping; not only are they removing SMS integration from Hangouts but they’re turning Hangouts itself into an enterprise app.

Meanwhile, over on iOS everything seems to be fine.

I’m not an iPhone user myself, but from what I understand Apple has worked hard to make iMessage the only messaging app their users are likely to need. It takes the ubiquity of SMS and adds in the convenience of being able to text from a phone, tablet and/or computer. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution like this for Android?

There is, and it’s called Pulse SMS.

I read a glowing review of the app on Greenbot over the weekend, and after testing it for the past few days I can say it works exactly as promised. Once I set up an online account I could install a tablet version and text from that device as well. For the web there are no less than three ways to access your account: a browser plugin (which I’m currently using) a Chrome app and a regular web login. Pulse supports the dual SIM cards on my OnePlus 3, along with full support for Android Wear—meaning that I have full access to messages on my wrist, not just the notifications for new ones. And if, for some reason, you need to text from the 4K display in your living room, Android TV is fully supported as well.

The one catch is that the service is not free, but you can at least enjoy a seven-day free trial before you pick one of the paid subscription options. I immediately went for the one-time payment of $13.99 CAD ($10.00 USD) instead; it’s already proved to be 100% worth it.

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