Samsung vs. Apple: Fight! (mid-2017 edition)

This past weekend the Android subreddit seemed more than a bit obsessed with comparing the latest from Samsung with the current iPhone. Three separate videos on the subject made it to their front page, so I thought I’d share them here for you to enjoy as well.

Jonathan Morrison is first up with an in-depth comparison between the XL versions of each phone, including a soak test (they both survived). Despite the very obvious Apple Watch adorning his wrist he admits that the iPhone looks dated next to the Galaxy S8 Plus—in his own words: “The Samsung is the cooler phone”.

Krystal Key focuses on cameras (boo), pitting the regular S8 against the dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus. Her findings? While Samsung’s OIS loses to Apple, especially in video, with images it produces better results in HDR mode and low-light situations. It’s almost as if Sammy’s high-contrast output is tuned for an OLED display or something. Also, nice Apple Watch.

I guess there’s something to that “wall huggers” joke after all… Not being an Apple user myself, I just assumed that the iPhone had some sort of fast charging, but as the video above demonstrates, it clearly does not. The 7 Plus takes an hour longer to reach a full charge—2 hours and 46 minutes, to be exact, vs. 1 hour and 42 minutes for the SGS8 Plus.

Now Apple fans could rightfully point out here that a more fair comparison would be between two 2017 phones—that is, the Galaxy S8 vs the iPhone 8, 7s or whatever it is that Apple has planned for Q3 of this year. I’m guessing that both YouTubers and reddit will be all-too-happy to revisit this comparison before Christmas.

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