CyanogenMod’s Theming Engine is Effectively Dead

Hate to end my week here on a bummer but I’ve got some bad news for any Android modders reading this: CMTE, one of the standout features of CyanogenMod and the other ROMs based on it, is effectively dead.

The news comes from a front page post on XDA, with evidence that Clark Scheff, lead developer of CMTE, has abandoned it and moved on to other things. Seeing no support for CMTE in Nougat-based ROMs, CyanogenMod Themers have likewise moved on to Substratum, based on Sony’s contribution to the Android Open Source Project, RRO or Runtime Resource Overlay. I haven’t tried Substratum myself, but I have written about the previous iteration of RRO, Layers, and found it to be much less elegant and intuitive than CMTE.

CM13 themes still work fine for the Marshmallow-based ROMs that support them—like Sultan’s ROM for my OnePlus 3, for example. I’m going to look into Substratum over the weekend and report back to you on it next week.

Source: XDA

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