Unlimited Data Plans Now Available on All 4 Major U.S. Carriers

For our American friends it seems like happy days are here again. Today AT&T will join Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon in offering its customers an unlimited data plan. And it gets better: both Sprint and T-Mobile announced this week that they’ll be eliminating restrictions on HD video streaming.

According to DSL Reports, customers on the T-Mobile ONE Plan will have to enable HD streaming with a one-time opt-in via the T-Mobile app. As of today, that option should be available at no additional cost to the user.

As for Sprint, that carrier previously throttled all streaming music, video and game traffic; for unthrottled services customers had to pay an additional fee. With their new unlimited data plan that’s no longer the case.

There may be some soft data caps with these new plans. Verizon, for example, reserves the right to throttle data after 22 GB “during periods of network congestion”. And tethering may be subject to data caps as well. But let’s keep things in perspective here. In a neighbouring country where a smartphone user can easily be charged upwards of $100/month for only a few gigabytes of data, we Canadians can only look on in envy.

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