Gigabit LTE Comes to Australia

About a year ago Qualcomm announced its X16 LTE modem, capable of 1 Gbps downloads. And yesterday, some lucky people in Sydney, Australia got to try it out at an event jointly hosted by Qualcomm, Telstra, NETGEAR and Ericsson.

Designed for but not yet available to smartphones, the launch device for the X16 is actually NETGEAR’s Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router, shown above. You’re probably most interested in the numbers, so here are the results from a sample speed test at the event:

930.45 Mbps download
127.54 Mbps upload
20 ms latency

To demonstrate the utility of Gigabit LTE, event organizers had 5 VR headsets streaming 360-degree 4K live video, simultaneously from the same NETGEAR router. The DayDream headsets did have Google Pixels mounted inside, and thus technically only 2K screens. But that’s still pretty impressive, considering that no dropped frames were reported from any of the participants.

I found the story on r/Android, where the first commenter had a rather sobering thought:

Telcos making their networks faster instead of making data cheaper is going to be 2017’s making phones thinner instead of making the battery last longer.

Way to spoil the party, jerk… 😥

Source: Qualcomm via reddit

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