Bermuda: Dream Destination for BlackBerry Users

With its pink sand, pastel-coloured houses and dark rum, Bermuda is a dream destination for anyone, really. But for BlackBerry users, perhaps a little more so. You can still buy a 2013 BB7-powered 9720 like the one you see above (wallpaper not included), and if you’re visiting the island with an unlocked BlackBerry of your own you can also get a prepaid SIM card with unlimited data at surprisingly reasonable rates.

I didn’t even bother with SIM cards for the two Android phones that the girlfriend and I brought with us for our quick island getaway; Digicel, the country’s largest carrier, charges an insane $75 Bermudian Dollars (at par with USD) for a gigabyte of data, what I would consider a comfortable minimum for uploading photos and the like. But the operator also offers another relic of days gone by: BlackBerry Internet Service. So for a mere $15 BMD you can enjoy a full seven days of unlimited email, messaging and mobile Internet.

The deal also applies to Android-powered BlackBerry phones, which I guess must also have the necessary hooks to connect to BIS.

I was actually looking into getting a pair of cheap BlackBerries for our trip; Bermuda is close enough to Toronto that we’ll probably be visiting again before too long. In case you were interested, Digicel sells their 9720 for a not-entirely outrageous $99 USD. Note, though, that you can currently get the newer Q5 for that same price from

For any Bermuda-bound BlackBerry users, all the links you need are directly below!

Links: BlackBerry 9720, Prepaid Plans, Hamilton Flagship Store

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