2017: Death to the Bezel

Even if we can’t get the Xiaomi Mi Mix in this part of the world, we can at least thank that innovative device for kicking off a wider design trend of smartphones with impossibly-small bezels.

According to Forbes, this year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumoured to have a 90% screen-to-body-ratio. Apple will almost certainly have an all-new design for its 10th anniversary iPhone this fall. And LG? Well, what you’re looking at above is a teaser for the LG G6.

The practical benefits of smartphones with smaller bezels should be obvious—just like LG says, you can fit more screen into a smaller body. And as the Mi Mix has very clearly demonstrated, such devices have the added benefit of being quite fetching as well. They might call for a rethink of your next smartphone case; other than that I can honestly see no downsides to the idea.

2016 saw the death of the headphone jack, at least on the iPhone, which even iVerge called user-hostile. And thin phones with overpowered screens and insufficient batteries also continue to be a thing that no one asked for. As for bezels, bezels are for watches, and the less bezel there is on my next phone the better.

Source: Forbes

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