BlackBerry ‘Mercury’ Revealed at CES

Here’s Michael Fisher and the first BlackBerry with a physical keyboard from the company’s new hardware partner, TCL. Judging by the coverage it got around the web yesterday, it’s a pretty big deal.

Set to make its proper debut at Mobile World Congress next month, the Mercury—which might end up being called the DTEK70 upon release—will be BlackBerry’s fourth Android-powered phone. Like the Priv, the keyboard is capacitive and can be used as a trackpad. And there’s a new innovation as well: the space bar does double duty as a fingerprint reader.

In terms of specs here’s what Mobile Syrup is able to confirm:

Android OS
Aluminum frame
4.5-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio
Soft textured rubberized back
Physical QWERTY keyboard with capacitive keys, 4GB RAM
Space bar doubles as a fingerprint sensor
3.5mm headphone jack (!)
Rear and front-facing camera with flash
Stereo speaker on the bottom
Bluetooth 4.2
Convenience key
USB-C port
slot for a nano SIM and microSD card

It’s encouraging to see a new BlackBerry device that isn’t a rebranded Alcatel Idol. All signs point to the Mercury being a new flagship for the company; I wonder how much they’re going to sell it for…

Coverage: Android Police, Mobile Syrup, XDA

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