Merry Cringe-mas, Everyone!

If your smartphone takes a tumble this holiday season just remember, it could be much worse—it could be in the hands of this guy.

With the contentious results of a Nexus 6P bend test as his first claim to fame, “Jerry” of JerryRigEverything has continued to make a name for himself tearing down and tearing apart the most sought-after smartphones on the market.

And those poor phones… Want to see a utility knife applied to the back of an HTC 10, or the camera glass of an iPhone 7? To be honest, me neither, but here we are. There is at least something instructive amidst all the destruction—the most and least repairable phones of the year are also discussed in the video.

For those who can’t bear to watch, here’s a shortlist of winners and losers for 2016:

Most Durable: HTC 10
Honorable Mention: OnePlus 3
Least Durable: NextBit Robin

Most Repairable: Google Pixel
Honorable Mention: LG V20
Least Repairable: HTC 10

Most Innovative: Xiaomi Mi Mix
Lease Innovative: iPhone 7

LG G5: Advertising Fail
Note 7: A series of unfortunate events.

Sorry that I don’t have a more heartwarming holiday post, but with a glut of year-end retrospectives due next week I thought I should get the most gruesome one out of the way. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, and ditto for your phones. Yours truly will be back on duty on Wednesday, December 28th.

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