Surveilling a Phone Thief

If you’ve about twenty minutes to spare and can stand subtitles, this documentary by a Dutch film school student is very much worth your time. Just remember to turn off the closed captioning in the playback controls, as the video already has English subtitles.

It’s called Find my Phone but the star of the story is not, as you might think, the built-in phone-finding apps on Android and iOS—but rather a more stealthy third-party root app for Android called Cerberus, which I’ve written about on these forums before. With the app installed, the filmmaker was able to spy on a phone theif for a full two weeks, remotely capturing photos, video, SMS Messages, and even topping up phone credits for fear of the device going offline.

Two things you can learn from watching the documentary: (1) It can be comically difficult to have your phone stolen in The Netherlands—the film student’s rooted HTC One doesn’t get nicked until six-and-a-half minutes in. And (2) the kid makes the very bad decision to seek out the phone thief in person—and immediately regrets it.

If nothing else, Find my Phone is an effective endorsement for Cerberus, which you can download from the Play Store here. For redditors’ thoughts on the film, see the source link directly below.

Source: reddit

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