XDA Drops Some Science on Those Side-by-Side Speed Test Videos

Hey everybody, check this out… The OnePlus 3T smokes the much more expensive Google Pixel XL in a real-world side-by-side speed test. HAH!

There’s just one problem: according to this sober editorial on XDA, “real-world” side-by-side comparisons like these are inconclusive at best. The author, Daniel Marchena, likens them to an episode of Top Gear—or rather, The Grand Tour—that is, entertaining to watch, but not at all instructive:

Applications like Geekbench 4 are tests done in a specific testing environment. They are self contained, and thus are less likely to be affected by the environment directly. Contrary to this, a speed test is open to a host of variables like touch response times, background processes, the amount of user data synced, which side of Google’s beloved A/B testing a phone could be involved in, the application state, the unavoidable human error…

To illustrate his point, Daniel ran five separate side-by-side comparisons between the Pixel and the LG V20. To see the wildly-varying results, check out the link immediately below. And to see more side-by-side videos, I’m afraid that you’ll have to look elsewhere from now on.

Source: XDA Developers

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