Your Face is Big Data

Do you know someone who regularly overshares personal information on social media? If so, you might want to direct them to this post.

Russian Art School Student Egor Tsvetkov completed a project earlier this year; he called it “Your Face Is Big Data”. For the project, he took 100 photographs of random people who happened to sit across from him on the subway. Then he used an Android app called Find Face to see if he could match the strangers with their accounts on Russia’s version of Facebook, VKontakte.

The result? He was easily able to identify about 70% of his subjects, even if their morning commute face bore little resemblance to their staged profile pic. As for the purpose of this privacy invasion, here’s Tsvetkov himself to justify what he did:

“My project is a clear illustration of the future that awaits us if we continue to disclose as much about ourselves on the Internet as we do now.”

For a gallery of Egor’s subway and social media matches, check out the first link directly below. The second link has more information about Tsvetkov and his project.

Sources: Imgur, PC World

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