Win a OnePlus 3T from MKBHD

If you’ve got a Twitter account, the odds of winning this newly-announced contest are a bit better than usual. Because it’s not just one 128 GB OnePlus 3T that YouTuber MKBHD is giving away… it’s one hundred.

To enter, follow these three Twitter accounts:

@dbrandskins // @mkbhd // @oneplus

That’s it. Seriously.

Okay, there is one catch: half of the one hundred units up for grabs have dbrand skins applied. I personally think that phone skins are stupid; if you feel the same you should at least be able to remove it if you’re lucky enough to win a phone, but unlucky enough to win a skinned one. I should point out that dbrand is paying to ship the 100 units to their recipients, so I guess they’re not all bad. 😉

If my calculations are correct the contest runs until 6pm Eastern Time on Monday, December 12th—after which the winners will be selected at random from across the three Twitter accounts. Here’s how:

We’re using a custom Python script which was specifically programmed for this giveaway. It uses the Twitter Public Rest API to download a list of all @dbrandSkins, @OnePlus, and @MKBHD Twitter followers.

Once the full lists have been loaded, the script generates a list of IDs which exist on all three lists. This ensures that the potential winner is following all three accounts.

From this pool of unique account IDs, a random entry is picked using a randomly generated seed based on the NumPy project. This random pick is the resulting winner.

For every subsequent winner selection, the script will run again. This triggers the Twitter Public API follower IDs fetch again. The script will download the newest followers and keep going until it reaches the followers which were downloaded during the previous run. What this does is save us from having to download a full list of followers every time a winner is selected – while also ensuring that everyone is included and has an equal chance of winning for each random draw.

More details at the dbrand page below.

For those of you without a Twitter account I’ll do you a solid and enter on your behalf. If I score a OnePlus 3T I’ll have it shipped to Howard for a giveaway of his own. If you’re on Twitter and end up winning leave a reply and let everyone else know.

Good luck!

Link: OnePlus 3T Giveaway Winners & FAQ

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