Expansys Ceases Smartphone Sales

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Once upon a time if you wanted a cool unlocked smartphone you had to buy from a grey market reseller. And the king of grey market resellers was Expansys.com—or, in my case, Expansys.ca

I bought my first-ever S60 Nokia, the E61i, from the company’s Canadian site in 2007, and must have bought at least one more over the years. But the eventual move to Android and with it the opportunity to buy direct from the likes of Google and OnePlus made Expansys a rarely, if ever, visited destination on the web.

So it’s really no surprise to hear that they’ve ceased all operations in the Americas. Here’s the message you’ll see if you visit their site:

After over a decade of bringing the latest and greatest technology to consumers in North America, Expansys has decided to refocus on its partner and B2B business units.

Effective December 1st, we will be closing our website to new orders, and cease all online sales on our US, Canadian, and Mexican websites.

In hindsight Expansys never really stood a chance against carrier-subsidized hardware; the majority of North American mobile users don’t seem to even understand—let alone see the value in—unlocked phones. But for a select few of us, Expansys was a way, sometimes the only way, to put an exotic smartphone from Europe or Asia in your very own hand.

And with that, I’m raising a cup of my morning coffee in remembrance of Expansys, and a time when smartphones were hard to get…

Source: Red Flag Deals

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