Freedom Mobile’s LTE Network Now Live in Toronto and Vancouver

Freedom Mobile's Freddy

Things are happening fast for the Shaw-owned and newly-minted carrier Freedom Mobile. While walking through my neighbourhood this past weekend I couldn’t help but notice that all my local WIND stores had switched over to the new branding. And now it seems that their LTE network has gone live in two of Canada’s biggest cities.

Freedom is calling it “traffic-free LTE”—a slogan that actually gets less enticing the more you think about it. First, there’s the very limited area where you can actually use it, then there’s the single phone sold by FM that supports it (the LG V20) and finally there’s the new plan that users have to sign up for to access it.

In terms of cost it’s a fairly good deal—6GB of data per month at $40 for the first year, then $45/month thereafter. But when you add on the tab necessary to subsidize the $999 LG V20 (!) your monthly bill could be as high as $70 after the 12-month promotion expires.

And now the really bad news: if you browse through the posts in this thread you’ll see that at least one user on the LTE plan with a V20 in Toronto is getting data speeds on par with Freedom’s current 3G+ infrastructure. If you’re considering LTE on Freedom Mobile it might be a good idea to hold off until the New Year when the network gets more robust. And hopefully faster.


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